Cacio & Pepe

Our Story

The idea behind the restaurant, ‘’Cacio & Pepe’’ is a combination of an Italian woman’s life dream and a chef with a passion for Italian cuisine who has been working in London for 12 years.

Enrica Della Martira was born into a very famous family in Florence in 1980. Her father is Mauro Della Martira, an Italian football player famous in the 1970s for playing five years for one of the strongest teams ( Fiorentina ) in the series and for under 23 italian national team. Growing up Enrica’s strongest passion was food.

Enrica went on to attend one of the most prestigious universities in Milan and kept her passion for cooking at home for her friends, who were her favourite judges. However, her career went in another direction and she started to work in the fashion industry, following in her family’s footsteps, and left cooking as a personal hobby.

Then, in 2013 she was selected to take part in the TV show MasterChef Italia, in which she made it to the final stage and came in at third place. From this moment on, she gained notoriety for her culinary skills. Even with her popularity from blogs, interviews, photo-shoots, TV appearances, and magazine articles she hasn’t changed her most important ingredients: a smile and a light-hearted personality!

Enrica’s passion for Italy, its Mediterranean ingredients, and wine are a constant inspiration. It was on one of her several trips to London where she met Chef Danilo Lubrano, and fell in love with his cooking style.

Chef Danilo is a true believer in offering a menu that is prepared simply.  He has seasonal dishes that are influenced by his working experience during time spent between Roma and London.  During his collaboration with Claudio Pulze, an Italian restaurant entrepreneur who has opened several restaurants in London, Chef Danilo developed skills in managing a kitchen team and experimenting at the same time with the most traditional Italian cuisine with a range of innovative vibes.

Together, Enrica and Chef Danilo are excited to start the journey of ‘’Cacio & Pepe’’ and deliver quality Italian food to London.